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In today’s world, security can never be neglected. From small business to enterprise, electronic access control is required to manage organizational security. Feature rich access control device makes it reliable and secure. Access control systems are ideal solutions for schools, hospitals, government institutes, banks, remote sites, hotels, small/large enterprises, etc.

It is very critical to keep a tap on team member’s working hours and days to increase the productivity and efficiency of the team and organization. Time-attendance is an automatic attendance marking system which records employee attendance through card or fingerprint. It records the attendance and generates various reports to keep the track of various details.

Now employees do not have to visit HR or concern authority for attendance, leaves or other details. Employee Self Service is a web based portal through which employees can view their attendance summary, leave balance, shift schedule, visitor detail etc. It also allows employees to apply for leave or tour through portal and get instantaneous notification, approval/rejection of leave via SMS or Email. Great way to reduce paper and its cost + time!

A wonderful tool that assists organizations to manage the visitors in specialized manner! This module assists to maintain complete record of visitor, toughen security and improves customer service experience. It also allows access right to a visitor for making sure that he is visiting right area areas and where he is allowed to go.

Orthodox canteen system includes managing long queues, manual food selections and manual collection and calculation of payment that incurs error. Various corporate houses, schools, hospitals, etc have their own canteen. e-Canteen management module is the perfect solution for your canteen. It includes completely automated solution starting from placing an order to delivery including the payment which helps overcome these issues.

It is very important to manage workforce and utilize the efficiency at fullest. Roster Management is about preparation and best use of manpower to reduce the cost and increase quality. It simplifies the process of defining and assigning duties. Roster Management is cost effective time saving as it assists to assign the right duty to correct employees.

Most of the small organization strives hard to track and control the movement of the team members. This directly affects the productivity of the employee and organization.Cosec Samay is the perfect solution for these types of issues. Its a specialized time-attendance solution designed to manage and keep track of the flexible timings with user-wise attendance, shifts and leave policies.