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Time Attendance & Access Control

Security and Convenience, all under one box! Biometric devices used for access control and time-attendance help you enhance security and productivity of your team and hence organization by tracking the movement of your employees. This is a highly secured biometric that works by reading the vascular pattern of the palm thus cannot be forged thereby making it more secure than any other biometric device. Ideal for hospitals, chemical industries, nuclear stations, factories, corporate houses, R&D centers, financial institutes and many others where security and hygiene cannot be compromised.

This device is the decision makers of the system which allows only authorized users in the premises and mark their entry and exit. This prevents the unauthorized person entering in the restricted area by reading the finger print of the individual. They offer advance connectivity and interface options to deal with present and future access control and time-attendance needs of any type of the organization. It is Ideal for places where only authorized individuals are allowed to enter.

It’s the complete solution for time-attendance requirements of all organizations. These terminals can record exact time of a user using card by keeping in mind various time-attendance policies applicable to that user. Designed for future, it is ready to meet the present and future attendance needs of growing businesses. Futuristic, yet cost effective solution for time attendance.

These terminals can records exact time of a user using fingerprint or card by keeping in mind various time-attendance policies applicable to that user. You no longer have to worry about the excessive in and out movement of your employees as you have the exact details of the record and can restrict the momentum if needed. Excellent solution for corporate houses, agencies and industries where in and out movement is difficult to track.

Economical and yet highly secured way to keep the track of your employees attendance and movement. It will be no longer possible to escape from work without being noticed. They are elegantly deigned using state-of-the-art-technology which makes them ready for future applications needs as well.