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Fantastic way to safeguard your business and assets! No one will be able to escape from the eyes of Dome cameras. With the ever-increasing levels of security being introduced, the benefits of aesthetically-pleasing dome camera CCTV systems are becoming more and more pronounced.

IR Dome Cameras are specially crafted for indoor day/night surveillance needs of any kind of organization. These cameras are high on technology and low on cost. Excellent tool to catch a bad guy in the act – and they usually strike in the darkness, then infrared is an invaluable tool to obtain irrefutable evidence of a suspect who believes he is not being watched.

Infrared illumination is in a frequency range beyond what the human eye is capable of registering as light. Conversely, most video cameras perceive infrared light just as they would any other type of light. The day/night capability of IR cameras provide the best of both worlds, delivering vibrant color images during the day and high resolution b/w images at night.

It is a good security alternative for small office, at home to focus on your driveway, lobby of your office or home apartment, etc. It comes with changeable lens to view far away distances. You can easily keep an eye on your maid, driver or helper where ever you are in very cost effective way.

Dome cameras are now also Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) capable, meaning they are able to track targets that would have otherwise moved out of the camera's field of vision. The tinted dome that shields the camera also prevents people from noticing any movements from a PTZ dome camera, drawing less attention to it.