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You no longer have to worry about the house full theater at Sunday evening! Make your personal home theater and feel like a cinema hall. Now enjoy every block buster with popcorn, pizzas, family and friends. This projector can also be used at schools and various educational institutes to spread the knowledge through interactive learning.


High Brightness Lumens, Stylish, Easy to install, and Simple to use Projectors! These projectors are ideal for Vivid and Clear Presentations in Corporate Applications with HDMI & LAN connectivity. You will never have to scratch your head before an important presentation with feature rich installation Projectors.


You can be anywhere – whether it’s a company, classroom, or conference hall – this high brightness projector will always give you the best clarity under the brightest lights! For larger and more demanding venues requiring the brightest projections and highly sophisticated features, Large Venus projectors is right for you. Designed to excel in the most demanding requirements!


Carrying a projector all day for presentation, meeting or conferences can be tiring and frustrating! Portable projectors are excellent solutions for you and they are as stylist and fashionable as you are. These machines designed for maximum portability and superb performance.


High on performance, long life, feature rich yet low on maintenance! Short throw Projection Minimizes Glare and Shadows, Low TCO, Eco-friendly Design and Easy to operate. These machines provide big picture in a less distance, stunning colours, crisp-clear text and lots of action!