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Electronic Whiteboard

Due to LCD, it allows you to confirm scan data on the spot and print outs are no longer necessary. Because of its display and operating status with easy-to-follow icons, it is easy for anyone to operate. This thin, light weight board is ideal for wall mounting. It gels up with modern day offices and conference rooms.


Adds more value to your presentation with Interactive Boards! Its exclusive designed to add more colour to your programmes and presentation. Presentations are no longer boring now. You can also add additional devices, scan, save and distribute the minutes of presentation with interactive boards.


Its adds a luxury to your conference Room! Its interactive options make your presentation and corporate meeting more effective and exclusive. It enhances audience attention and increases participation. It boosts efficiency and reduces meeting time! You can connect multiple devices to make your meeting and presentation more fruitful.


You no longer have to transfer the data and print reports or resolution of meetings after your presentation. It comes with integral printer for easy operations. It comes with multi-copies, logic control and PC interface. It can be wall mounted or can be used with floor stand.