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Provides excellent cooling performance even at extremely high ambient temperatures. These chillers are highly useful for multiple commercial applications as well as for industrial Air Conditioning requirements. Its cutting edge technology makes it low on maintenance and power consumption.

Water Cooled
EWAD: 50 – 570 TR PFS: 100 – 500 TR
UAA: 50 – 400 TR PFS – VFD: 100 – 330 TR
EWAD– VFD: 50 – 500 TR PFSV: 420 TR

Offers better part load efficiency with multiple compressors. Can be used for heat recovery or heat pump application. Designed to function efficiently in a variety of spacious area.

Single Compressor, Cooling: 200 ~ 1250 TR
Dual Compressor, Cooling: 400 ~ 2700 TR
Water Heater: 5,000 MBH to 24,000 MBH capacities
Magnetic Bearing Compressors: 145 ~ 290 TR
Magnetic Bearing Compressors: 145 ~ 290 TR

Upright Freezers are idle for those who have less space and need more cooling capacity. Upright Freezers have better storage space with organised food storage and minimum digging. PUF insulation ensures better holding time.

McSMART: 15 ~ 45 TR
MAC: 2 ~ 10 TR